Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Re-Committing to the blog....

Yep, I'm going to try at this again. It has been WAAAY to long. I am terrible at keeping up with Addie's baby book, so this is the best way to record her milestones...so I have decided that this needs to be a priority and I just have to not let myself sit for hours and hours reading blogs like I used to.

So, a quick update. Addie is 19 months. She is taking 5-6 steps between two people and is SO proud of herself. I'd say that's her biggest milestone right now. She walks with her walker all over the place, but won't go with out it. If she doesn't want to it's not happenin. She crawls like a pro and can get away from you in the middle of a diaper change faster than anything. She pulls up on anything she can and if she has gotten out of sight, you can usually find her in the bathroom trying to climb into the tub...She LOVES her baths! She has decided that its fun to climb on everything, including her activity tables so she can reach and get to anything I have put on the couch to be out of her reach...so that's great......NOT!

She is working on some words..Daisy (our dog) and yes. Da da and Ma ma are there as well as Na na (grandma) and pa pa with a lot of convincing, she did say baby over the weekend, but have not yet gotten it out of her since then....so we're working on that. She can say moo and baa and it is the cutest thing ever...whenever you say cow or she sees a picture of a cow her little lips pucker up and she moos away...

She loves to point. Only with the right hand, left hand is a bit behind on that...she has a great pincer on the right, but not so much on the left. Left side has always been weeker. It's the left side that is keeping her from walking. It's just not strong enough yet so we'll see...

We are continuing with Signing Times and she is really eating it up. I need to count but I would guess she has about 20 signs, which is pretty cool. Her newest ones are yellow and please. Again, she isn't using them to ask for things but when we say the word she will sign it...so still trying to get her to use her signs to get what she wants...hopefully this will come soon because it's really frustrating to have her whine and whine only to realize she just wanted a drink!

She's eating a ton and is becoming more picky about some foods she eats...Her favorite by far is PB &J, mandarin oranges, grapes, goldfish crackers, and pirates booty. And of course anything sweet like coffee cake or cookies..

She has 12 teeth..I guess kids with DS might night get their eye teeth and hers seem to be no where in sight...so who knows there....Her middle teeth have the big ol gap that I had so it's pretty cute...I'm sure braces will be in her future. Lucky her.

Her hair is finally coming in and getting thicker...little curls in the back which is pretty cute. She sports a fountain pony pretty good! Can't wait for pig tails and pony tails in her future. =).

We are currently doing in home therapy of ST, PT, OT, and the teacher twice a month with private PT and ST once a week. It has been really good for idea to have both environments to learn in and seems to be working well for her.

We are continuing with Nutrivene D, which we started in October and have really seem some neat changes since starting the vitamins. She also takes Vit D3, Omega 3, and is going to be starting Juice Plus as soon as they come! She is terrible at eating veggies, so I think this will help me feel better about that!! A big thanks to Bethany over at Life with Bubba, Chicky, and Nika for all her help getting these things going! =)

I have tons a pics on need to get posted as well as some cute videos of Addie walking. She loves her babies and most days can be found playing with her babies and putting them into either the baby crib or her baby strollers and pushing them around. Babies goes everywhere with us...

I haven't been reading many blogs, ok, actually, none, but really felt like it was good for me to read and there is a lot of knowledge out there to know...so.....here I go, I'm re committing to blogging and to reading up on my favorite blogs...so thanks for reading and stay tuned! =)